Staff Cross Property Transfer



A cross-property transfer policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for transferring staff from one property to another within the group. The policy ensures a smooth and efficient transition for both the staff and the properties involved.


To be eligible for the cross-property transfer, the staff shall complete at least one year of employment service with the current property unless there is a mutual agreement between both property managers.

The compensation and benefits as per Cambodia labor law such as severance pay, seniority pay, eligible bonus (if applicable), etc, will remain and prorate based on the actual length of employment at each property.

In case of employment termination at the discretion of the employer without the employee’s serious offense, the current property shall be responsible for all legal and eligible compensations since the beginning date of joining the group.


  • The staff shall notify the current department head before applying for the vacant job within the group.
  • The priority of the job interview will be given to the internally qualified candidate; however, the same process as the external job application and selection procedure will be applied.
  • Before confirmation of hiring with the staff, the new property’s HR leader shall notify the current property’s HR leader. The cross-property transfer form is required to be filled up by the current property and sent to the new property.
  • When the cross-property transfer is approved, the new property’s HR leader shall process the employment. The same process of hiring the new employee will be applied.
  • The staff’s current personal file is to be filed at the current property and the new personal file is to be created and kept at the new property in compliance with the internal policy and government laws.


Gross Property Transfer Form


Please note that this policy and procedure is a general guideline and may need to be customized to fit the specific needs and regulations of your organization. It is recommended to consult with legal and human resources professionals when implementing or modifying such policies.


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