Job Description

Senior Officer, Regional Collection position is mainly responsible for Overall assisting in collecting delinquency account& recovery loan WO in performing well alight to policy, procedure, guideline, and memo, which handling and improving to achieve collection targets.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manage and ensure the branches’ and regional KPI have been achieved as target.
  • Prepare a monthly plan for branch visits to achieve collection targets.
  • Monitor in daily, weekly, and monthly number of delinquent accounts in both pre-written-off and post-written-off for prioritizing the collection actions/efforts by not allowing those accounts to move to the next bucket.
  • Collaborate with the Regional Manager, Branch Manager, Branch Credit Manager, and Loan Recovery Manager, Branch Collector to well manage and ensure the following:
  • All collectors use the collection systems to track performance and identify improvement areas
  • The credit collection activities have been well implemented following policies, credit procedures, and guidelines
  • The collection strategies have been well implemented such as customer visiting, dunning letter issuance, and customer invitation for deputing debt resolution, …etc.
  • Manage and ensure all collectors are well understand all the memos/guidance/instructions and are well implementation.
  • Address any gaps in the collection processes and suggest prevention tools/actions to stop any forms of fraud.
  • Manage and ensure enough collection capacity for all branches.
  • Be honest and follow the policies and procedures without fraud. 
  • Perform work by following strategic guidelines and the core values of HTB Bank.
  • Other tasks assigned by the supervisor and collection department/division

Skills Specifications

  • Bachelor degree in banking/finance or business management, or related fields.
  • At least 1 year experience of credit in bank or financial service industry.
  • Competence in Microsoft office (word & excel) and E-mail.
  • Available mission to branch anytime and anywhere.  
  • High commitment and honesty. 
  • Priority for understanding English language.