•      Analyze transaction and monitor revenue, cost of sale and service, and OPEX from retails station and side business
  •       Monitor Stock and Reconciliation by station
  •     Maintain Expense, Revenue by Project, By Department and by Budget line
  •      Manage Cash Balance/Collection and Deposit at bank
  •     Record Payment and other bank transactions and properly maintain the bank reconciliation by day and month
  •      Create the manual for policy/guidelines and other reconciliation procedure
  •     Reconcile accounts monthly to ensure accurate reporting and ledger maintenance
  •     Summarize and prepare financial status and transactions reports, including a profit and loss statement, and other necessary reports
  •      Focus on tax compliance for retails station and adjacent business, or tax filing.
  •     Guide junior accountants and other staff by answering questions
  •     Play a vital part in the company’s financial management which includes all account reconciliations and reporting to necessary parties.


   Hard Skills

  •     Be proficient in Microsoft excel, word, power point, flow chart, etc
  •     Be proficient in English as the communication at workplace
  •       Has knowledge on Cambodian Tax (undertaking the short course training from other institutions)…ect) is a plus.
  •      Experience in working for the company that adopts CIFRS for SME
  •      Experience in Budget monitoring
  •       Has system knowledge or be proficient in using accounting system

     Soft Skill

  •   Demonstrate an ability as the team leader and act as example
  •    Exercise Critical thinking and Judgement as the team leader
  •    Be Punctual and Well Organized
  •    Be Committed on assigned work and deliver on the promise
  •    Good Communication skill and able to deal with cross department
  •    Be positive to changes and able to work well within the team
  •   Willing to help when needed or voluntarily help during short-handed
  •    Bring more initiatives and encourage the team
  •   Being Honest and Problem-Solving Skill

Company Profile

We are Bright Victory Mekong Petroleum Import Export Co., Ltd (BVM Petroleum), a registered and recognized petroleum company by relevant authorities of the Royal Government of Cambodia. We have become one of the most recognized local petroleum companies importing, selling, and distributing gasoline and diesel fuels in Cambodia.

BVM Petroleum was founded in 2008 by Cambodian shareholders who have sole interest in building a trusted local petroleum brand in the country. Starting with just a number of enthusiastic employees back then, our team keep growing not just in terms of the size but also our synergistic goal into achieving the company’s vision. Currently, we are a family with more than 130 enthusiastic and dynamic employees.

Through our clients’ trust on our product quality and delivery service, we have maintained our name and market share in this industry.