Job Description
  •  Managing and updating all digital channels and social media accounts.
  • Build, plan and implement the overall digital marketing strategy.
  • Measuring and optimize the performance of campaigns through web analytics tools (SEO, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, WebTrends, etc.).
  • Producing innovative and creative contents (graphics, videos, animations) to intensify Mazda branding.
  • Stay up to date with the latest technologies and best practices in social media.
  • Monitor online market competition and provide suggestions for improvements.
  • Prepare and manage a digital marketing budget.
  •  Manage and improve online campaigns and boosting.
  •  Increase product awareness and expand marketing channels in different target locations.
  •  Monitor the social media activities of competitors and bring improvement to the activities of the organization towards gaining more online popularity.
  • Connect and penetrate popular and trend online groups, relevant communities and channels.
  •  Manage online advertisements, promotions and campaigns. Ensure good traffic on targeted audience / platforms.
  •  Produce newsletter for upcoming / done activities or events.
  •  Provide a helping hand to other members of staff in performing assigned duties; to improve overall team performance whenever necessary.
  •  Monitor activity progress through weekly / monthly progress report
  •  Consistently achieved target leads and target audience reach.
  •  Well executed digital strategic plans and able to increase marketing channels and sales (ROI)
  •  Achieved 100% increase on engagement performance of social media and online assets
  •  Produced creative and unique contents with gained high-traffic and conversion.
  •  Excellent statistics results on advertisement / campaigns exposure and analytics
Job Requirements
  • Bachelor or Master Degree of Marketing, Business Administration or Other related fields.
  • Minimum 03 years experience of Marketing & Creative or similar Scope of works.
  •  Able to communicate well in English, and Chinese is plus.
  •  Been a creative person with strong critical thinking.
  •  Well knowledge of Markets Trend and Industry Trend in advance.
  •  Ability to handle multiple tasks at once and to work under pressure.
Company Profile
HGB Group is a private local Cambodian investment and holding company specializing in automotive, F&B, retail and luxury goods by bringing internationally renowned brands to the country.
Contact Information