Job Purpose

This role is responsible for controlling and supporting bank’s user over all issues concerning core banking system; Daily (working hours) maintenance and monitoring of above stated system to keep them in stable service 24/7; Running End of Day, End of Month and End of Year procedures, if necessary change time to night shift, Must to obey the Night Shift rule; Auditing and Administrating on Security user maintenance; Simulating, applying all fixes and patches issues by vendors of above stated applications to keep them up to date in terms of functionality, productivity and security.

Major Areas of Responsibility

  • Control and Support of bank’s user over all user issues concerning
  • Understand system functions processes, workflows, data structure to be easy in checking any issues and report to manager/vendor
  • Independently communicate and raise issues to Global Support (MOS) in solving problem
  • Review ticket and response /resolve on time.
  • Getting approval or acknowledge from upline before process any tasks Review email, ticket, and response /resolve on time.
  • Simulate, optimize, apply all fixes and patches to keep system up to date in terms of functionality, productivity, security
  • Audit and Administrate on Creating new user, transferring, and disabling users in system.
  • Simulate API and webservice based on business requirement
  • To be responsible for organizing Department-wide meetings of staff, as required.
  • To represent the Department internally and externally, as required.
  • Provides direction, resources, and oversight to maintain and administer space management data.
  • Escalation issue to upline in case not able to resolve
  • Build capacity and quality to improve team
  • Create new guidelines for new functions, features, and project release.
  • Optimize and analyse the issue to find permanent fixed
  • Periodic review and updating of existing guidelines, standards, manuals, etc. to ensure compliance with current practice.
  • Regularly update daily and monthly incident report, then submit to upline manager.
  • Willing to perform sundry duties as assigned by line Manager
  • Perform recuring task as the schedule
  • Resolves and escalates of any service disruption in line with the set standards
  • Implement all project Integration with vendor/developer base on business requirement.
  • Provide training/ coaching to co-worker
  • Reviews and updates procedures and manuals changes base on business processes, requirements, and Technology operating environment
  • Resolves and escalates of any service disruption in line with the set standards


  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology, Computer Science or related field.
  • At least 1 year experience in daily operation support in microfinance or banking sector
  • Good experience in oracle database language Oracle DB, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Java, JavaScript, XML and RAD tools Well coordination and collaboration with others to work as a team
  • Good Project management, Communication, presentation, and problem-solving kills
  • High commitment to work under pressure and self-motivation
  • Good knowledge of English